Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Logic Behind the Thrifty Techie Logo

The Thrifty-Techie.US logo’s background befits the frugality of the Thrifty Techie.  While the Thrifty Techie is not of Scottish descent, he was born a bargain hunter– hence the tartan backdrop.

One may wonder about the Springfield inspired silhouette.  That shadow figure represents the everyman, to whom this website is oriented. He is happy dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

The pose is a parody of Apple’s iconic ads for the i-Pod.  The MP3 player (particularly the i-Pod) marked a breakthru of digital media and handheld devices throughout society.  

Yet if you look closely at the Thrifty-Techie logo, the happy dancer is listening to music just by holding a CD. How can that be? 

The anachronistic image is intended as a surrealistic metaphor. Most tech sites cater to the digerati, who demand to know about the latest and greatest in technology.  But many people just wants to find what works for them, particularly when it’s “popularly priced”.   Kids today may consider compact disks as quaint as a Victrola. An older technology may have more value to a person than a new release which they do not understand, can not afford or requires repurchasing media in yet another format (e.g. from LPs to tapes to CDs to DRMed MP3s etc.)

While the Thrifty Techie is adept at finding a bargain, he knows that the lowest price is not always the best deal.   If people can be practically happy maximizing the utility of older technologies and minimizing their frustrations then that may be the best deal for them.

The Thrifty Techie title in the masthead is hued in a neon green in homage to "P1" phosphor, which was typical of monochromatic CRT monitors in the early days of computing.  Ironically, the everyman emanates a glowing green, but that may have something to do where that shadowy silhouette supposedly works. 

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